100 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down. (The Sad Trombone List).


It’s been a few months since I last sat and practiced a meditation. I thought today would be a good day to begin again. I sat breathing deeply, my monkey mind was all over the place. I decided to look for a guided meditation online. Youtube has an amazing selection.  I was able to pick out 3 meditations that I found well suited for me and the way I’m feeling.  I dimmed the lights, became comfortable in my chair, changed the setting to allow for a full screen viewing and took a deep breath. This is the first meditation choice. Guided Buddhist Meditation Part 2.

I didn’t get that feeling of calm that usually follows a meditation practice. This was more like a reality check. This is your brain on stress. This is your body on stress. Get the picture?  I’ve allowed myself to be overcome with

nervous energy. If I were a body of water I would be a raging river with white water rapids.  Clearly, I need to make some changes.  I decided to follow another guided meditation. Crystal Voices, Chakra Meditation.

This form of meditation is entirely new to me and I really, really enjoyed it. I liked the sounds, the connectedness and the positive  messages.  I haven’t been living as an integrated soul. I think I even forgot I was one. I think I

need to listen again to this one tomorrow.  I found one more meditation.  It’s titled,  Japanese Garden Meditation.

This was by far the most perfect ending to my morning of meditations.  I’ll take with me the quote from Lao Tzu, “When nothing can be done about the way things are the wise stop worrying”.

This recycling, freecycling diva has been giving things away for years but until today I never thought to journal about it and before I go any further with this, I have to send out a big thank you to Miss Lena Weatherbee, author of the blog garbaj. I was surfing images of sofas and a purple couch caught my eye. I followed the link to her blog and became a subscriber. Thanks Lena for the inspiration! I love that purple couch and after reading about your war with the hair gods, my heart goes out to you.

Now onto my story. I am a purging Penelope. I love getting rid of my things. I mean, I have some things I will always hold dear to me like the tiny, porcelain bud vase my grandmother gave to me when I became a mom (subject for another blog) but I own a lot of things that have no place in my space. My tastes are always changing, giving away my stuff allows me to explore new ideas and styles, without adding to landfills, junkyard and garbage heaps. There’s a slight feeling of weightlessness that comes over me when a piece of clutter leaves my home. It’s a good feeling to know that someone else will appreciate what I’m giving away. These are the reasons I recycle, freecycle and upcycle. I’ve never attempted to list the items I’ve given away but as a lover of the list I thought, why not? So, this will be a continuing blog that will list the 1000 Pieces I hope to give away.

Give Away #1

This is a picture I bought at Prints Plus back in the early 90’s. It was a store that sold overpriced posters in frames and one of my favorite stores to shop when I was in my 20’s. The furniture in my living room was black and gray, very contemporary. The prints on my walls were of children in black and grey with touches of muted color. They were quite popular. I have for whatever reason held onto one of those prints. I remember falling in love with this little girl. She was a salute to the sad child in me that just needed a hug. Any way, I’ve let go of that sad little girl and now I’m letting go of this print. If you want to give her a place in your home, just email me.
Give Away #2 La Luna

My bathroom decor now includes prints of squashed fairies, a wall mirror hanging diagonally and a few other tributes to world of fae. I decided to upcycle a decorator table that had fallen apart. I used the pressed board top to create an abstract moon. If you’d like to own the moon just email me. I’ll give you the moon.

Give Away #3 There’s a Guido in the house

I briefly considered celebrating my Italian heritage and love of wine via kitchen decor. Why not, right? What? You gotta problem wit dat? I even got da curtains to match. You can have them too.
Give Away #4 Guido Curtains.

So these are my give aways for today. If you are interested in any of these, send me a message. You pay the postage and I’ll ship them to you.

My Vision Board

I finally finished my Vision Board! 

Ghee is purified butter. In India it is traditionally made from butter churned from yogurt curd but it can also be made from cow, goat and buffalo milk. Ayurvedic practitioners attribute ghee with many healing properties. Peter Malakoff & Gilda Zucolella of Ancient Organics wrote this:     

“Many Uses of Ghee     



  1. For Body Massage-Abhyanga. Apply ghee all over the body, rubbing into head, chest, limbs, joints and orifices. This will bypass the digestive system and allow the qualities of Ghee to penetrate directly into the deeper tissues. It is said that 60% of what is placed on the skin is absorbed into the body. We literally “eat” what we put on our skin. Western science has discovered that massaging the skin creates endorphins or peptides, which enhance the body’s immune system. Peptides are thought to be the vehicle that the mind and body use to communicate with each other, a literal chemistry of emotion. According to the Charak Samhita, regular Abhyanga slows the aging process.
  2. Ghee is used in Purvakarma, (early Panchakarma) where a small amount of Ghee is taken first thing in the morning by the practitioner to oleate the internal organs and “dissolve” the ama or toxic wastes in the tissues, allowing them to be carried to the digestive tract for elimination.
  3. Ghee is used as a carrier or “yogavahi” for herbs and bhasmas because of its supreme penetrating qualities and thus ability to carry these substances deep into the dhatus or tissues.
  4. One or two teaspoons first thing in the morning followed immediately with hot water will promptly produce a bowel movement. It will also warm the body quickly. Two spoonfuls of Ghee in warm (non-homogenized) milk before bedtime is soothing to the nerves and lubricates the intestines and facilitates a bowel movement in the morning.
  5. Ghee is excellent for cooking and sautéing or stir-frying. Ghee has one of the highest flash points of all oils and is very difficult to burn. In India, it is said that food is incomplete without the use of Ghee.
  6. Ghee is excellent for a gargle-gandush, to improve the health of the teeth and gums.
  7. Ghee can be used as a bath oil. Take two tablespoons of Ghee and mix with several drops of an essential oil of your choice.
  8. Ghee is excellent for scrapes and both chemical and heat or fire burns. Ghee can be used in the eyes for tiredness or fatigue.
  9. Ghee is an exquisite facial moisturizer.
  10. In India it is said that if a few drops of ghee are placed in the nostrils then nosebleed can be checked. If this is done twice in a day, then headache can be relieved.”

 The Full article can be found here: http://www.amritaveda.com/learning/articles/ghee.asp    


  I have no idea if any of this is true but I’m fascinated by it none the less and would really enjoy putting ghee up to the test. I decided to make ghee. I couldn’t find butter churned from yogurt curd and it was impossible to find freshly churned butter so I bought Organic Unsalted Butter. I would recommend looking for a coupon on this item, organic butter is expensive. I did a little research and found it’s fairly simple to make ghee. All you need is your butter, a pot, a glass or earthen jar, a small sieve and some cheesecloth.     


I decided to work with 2 sticks of butter. I put the burner on low heat and began the melting process.     


The first thing that happens is a white foam layer begins to form at the top of the liquid. This is the water leaving the butter.     


The butter actually begins to separate into three layers the first is the foam, the second is the golden liquid and at the bottom milk solids begin to form. The gobs floating around like that remind me of a lava lamp.     


I let this continue heating until there was no foam on the top and the milk solids had turned brown. I then cut the cheesecloth to fit my sieve.     


I strained the solid from the liquid which poured directly into a Mason jar.     


The solids are dark and nasty. The crumbs look like used coffee grinds.     


The liquid is dark amber in color.     


Solidified, the ghee is golden.     


Ghee does not need to be refrigerated. The lactose particles are removed so it’s safe for those that are lactose intolerant. It keeps up to a month in an airtight container though in India they have ghee that has been aged 100 years plus because the aging supposedly increases healing properties. I labeled mine with the date I made it.     


Ghee is very flavorful. It almost has a nutty taste.  I just love it on my waffles combined with real maple syrup.  Yummy!  I love ghee.     


The Sad Trombone List

1. Take a trip to the grocery store and purchase every unusual fruit in the produce section. Invite a friend over to eat them with you. Don’t forget to take pictures.

2. Pack yourself the following items: 1. A xylophone (toy section at Wal-Mart sells them at a reasonable price) 2. A book that explains how to play it  3. A blanket 4. Sunglasses and a funky hat  5. Something to drink and strawberries.  Once packed find yourself a meadow and play.

3. Go beach combing for sand dollars.

4. Get your feet in a pair of red shoes but only after a pedicure and please, paint your toenails red.

5. If you’ve got an animal, love it. If you can get to a place where there are animals, do it and if not stumble images of animal babies.

6. Construct a container garden. It could be a simple zen sand garden or something more complex like a water garden. Use you imagination

7. Dry slices of oranges in a 175 degree oven for 4 hours and decorate a tree with them.

8.  Mix up a simple flour water dough and sculpt something or break out the cookie cutters. Recipe: 2 cups flour, 2 cups salt, 1 cup water. You can bake these until hard and turn them into ornaments.

9.  Walk barefoot in the grass and really feel it.

10. Word lovers, try learning the lyrics to The Vestibules song, Bulbous Bouffant.

11. Clean out your closets. Get rid of all the clothing that no longer fits and probably never will. Give it to the Salvation Army. You’ll feel lighter.

12. Refocus, make a list of all the things you’d like to see in your life. Leave out any thoughts of limitations.

13.  Put on a beret, make yourself some crepes, watch Amelie and speak with a french accent all day long.

14. Paint a canvas outdoors. Use the colors that speak to you and create.

15.  Send out a positive message via helium balloon.

16.  Have a sadness ceremony. Write down all those ugly feelings on pieces of paper and use them as kindling for a fire. Have a  good friend join you.

17. Learn a new skill like origami.

16. Immerse yourself in a culture different from your own and buy yourself an unusual trinket. Indian markets and Chinatown make me happy.

17.  Become a foster parent to an animal that needs your help and one that you can  provide for. It’ll make you feel good 100 times over.

18. Get a massage. If you can’t afford a therapist do this:  go to a store where they have those wonderful massage chairs on display or go to a mall that has the type you pay for. Bring something to read anda fruit smoothie. Make yourself comfy and seriously, enjoy these moments.

19.  Go for a hike, wander off the beaten path and leave a trail of bird seed behind you.

20.  Support your local artists. Visit your town’s art museum or go hear the musicians that are playing at the local pub.

21.  Surround your bathtub with a variety of colored candles, fill it with steamy hot water, add a half a bottle of Mr.Bubble Bubble Bath, pour yourself a drink, throw in a c.d. that’ll make you croon and relax!

22. Make your bed in the morning, leave a chocolate mint on your pillow and pull open the shades. Let the sunshine in.

23. Practice yoga outdoors preferably by a body of water or in the woods.

24. Play 4 Non Blondes up on high, your hairbrush a microphone and scream at the top of your lungs, what’s going on?

25.  Take a trip to the music store, buy yourself some maracas and ask the cutest clerk there if he can show you how to shake them or just think about doing that.

26.  Buy a basketball and shoot some hoops. Challenge some friends to a game of 21.

27.  Write a positive message on a piece of paper and tape it to the wall by your bed so that it’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

28.  Release your inner mermaid. Go swimming.

29.  Collect, create, design symbols of good luck and adorn your entrance way with them.

30.  Host a board game night. Cranium is a blast!

31.  Exercise with Richard Simmons. Pick up a Sweating To The Oldies video.  If you have leg warmers wear ’em.

32.  Make yourself carnival sized flowers from brightly colored tissue paper.

33.  Go shopping for vintage hats with the goofiest person you know. Turn it into a photo shoot.

34.  Dress in the colors of the sea and visit an aquarium.

35.  Do one thing you’ve never done before or even better visit a place you’ve never been to.

36.  Collect a bunch of branches, put them in a vase and hang handcrafted love notes from them.

37.  Make a time capsule for yourself to open 10 years into the future.

38.  Rub a couple drops of lavender oil into your hands and massage your face and neck  for 5 full minutes. Pay special attention to the places that are holding the most stress.

39.  Plan a night under the stars. Pack a blanket, a flashlight, something warm to drink, a bit of food and a book on recognizing constellations. If that’s not possible, there’s always the planetarium. Include a friend.

40. Break out the fondue pot, melt some dark chocolate and slice up some fresh fruit.  Invite a friend to share in a chocolate dip fest, throw in a movie like Chocolate or Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

41.  Create a vision board even if you’re not a believer in the law of attraction this is an uplifting project to take on.

42.  Get a group of people together and go mini-golfing.

43.  Draw smiley faces on the bottom of your toes and take pictures.

44.  Break out the blender and make up a batch of mocktails. Adorn the cocktail glasses with fresh fruit, maraschino cherries and those lovely little parasols.  Share with a friend or perhaps a neighbor.

45.  Dress in a fashion you’ve always wanted to but never dared to. Go somewhere and be seen.

46.  Paint some whiskers on your face, slap on some animal ears and watch Where The Wild Things Are. Let the wild rumpus begin!

47.  Rent a kayak or a canoe. Go on a water world adventure.

48. Play sick for a day. Collect all the things you’ll need to keep you entertained during your stay on the couch or in bed. Put on your favorite pajamas. Gather a few movies that either make you laugh or cry and  a box of tissues, a pitcher of ice water, crossword puzzles, a good book and lots of snacks. Allow yourself this day and promise that you’ll wake up a happy productive person on the following day. 

49.  Do a project that you’ve put off. It’ll make you feel good to finally have it done.

50.  Dance. Learn the Time Warp or how to belly dance. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself.

51.  Make a gift for a friend and send it via post office.

52. Make a list of all the people who have touched your heart and send out thanks and gratitude to each of them.

53. Add new life to your surroundings. Put a tablecloth on your kitchen table, change your curtains or your linens. It doesn’t have to be costly just make a change.

54.  Draw a self-portrait or doodle positive images. I like doodling crying flowers being eaten by vampire flowers being killed by happy hero flowers.

55. Pick up a notebook or journal and inside keep a record of all the quotes that inspire you. Use your best cursive penmanship to write out each and every one of them. Jazz up the cover with your own artwork.

56. Feeling down about your weight? Go shopping for clothes. Ask for assistance. Tell the clerk you’ve just lost your first 50 lbs. and you have no idea what your size is now. Tell them you’re still losing so you don’t want to spend too much money but you need something that will fit in the meantime. They’ll love you, trust me.

57.  Go to the theatre. See whatever it is that interests you the most.

58. Yell about whatever it is that has you upset and break your ugly dishes on the floor while you do it. I don’t exactly understand why but breaking ugly dishes makes me feel better.

59. Call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a long time and touch base.

60.  If you’ve got a honey tell them your sad. A good honey will take you in their arms and kiss your cheeks.

61. Create your own time line. Begin at the year of your birth. Mark off every accomplishment and every life changing event. View this with compassion. View it as if you are your own best friend. I took this idea from Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws of Spiritual Success. I’ve done it and I felt so much better afterwards. It’s a powerful exercise.

62. Read Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws of Spiritual Success.

63. Play a game of  Don’t Let It Touch The Floor with a balloon. Do it alone while dancing to The Godfather’s Waltz.

64. Go Retro. Take yourself back to a time in television when C.S.I. and reality t.v. did not exist. Watch an episode of  I love Lucy or The Hardy Boys for movies try Breakfast At Tiffany’s or Singing In The Rain.

65. Sip a hot cup of herbal tea. Choose a really good one. I enjoy Royal Vitality by Yogi Tea.

66. Whiten your teeth. It’ll make you want to smile.

67.  Find a new way to start your day. One sad day I left my house early. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a muffin at a local shop. I sat on a bench in a park eating my breakfast and delighted myself by watching our very handsome, Mayor Mozzarella, that was his real name and that tickled me silly. He was the big cheese, hah! and I would watch him go up the steps of city hall. This became my secret pleasure and a part of my weekday mornings.  I loved doing that.

68.  Talk these feelings over with a friend or someone who’s close to you. Talking  helps.

69.  Visit a butterfly conservatory. Magic Wings Conservatory in Massachusetts is wondrous.

70.  Sing your words instead of speaking them.

71.  Bake mini pastries, take pictures and write a blog about them.

72. Put on a pair of extra long, false eyelashes and bat them at everyone!

73.  Decorate a tree with symbols of peace.

74.  Go Roller Skating.

75.  Design a sunny centerpiece for your table. Build a tower out of lemons and adorn it with daisies.

76.  Give a blanket to someone who doesn’t have a home or do something just as nice for a stranger.

77.  Pray or meditate. I practice mindfulness meditation. I find it helps to just bring awareness to the areas in my body that seem to hold tension and focus on bringing the breath into those areas.

78.  Music is therapy. Put on the sounds that sing to your soul and turn up the volume. On my sad days I can’t seem to get enough of B.B. King or John Mayer.

79.  Spend a day cherishing one of our elders. Volunteer at a nursing home or visit with your grandparents if possible. 

80.  Break up with your sad self in a Dear John letter. Dear John (self), I know you’re sad but really the weight of it all is just too much for me to handle. I want to be happy. I want you to be happy. It’s time for me to move on. Good bye John(self). I hope one day you find your smile again.

81. Give yourself a facial. If you can’t get to the salon there are many that you can make in your own kitchen. Search for a recipe online.

82.  Organize an outdoor clean up event.

83. Go Gothic. Dress like Wednesday Adams from the Adams Family. Grab your camera and take pictures of old gravestones and abandoned houses.

84. Heat potpourri or aromatic oils. Light up scented candles or incense. Make everything smell nice.

85. Buy yourself some flowers.

86. If you need to cry, do it but get yourself a glam box of tissues to dry your tears.

87. Make a list of all the qualities you admire in yourself and give that reflection in the mirror a big kiss.

88.  Get a tattoo or try a new hairstyle.

89. Climb a mountain

90. Pretend your writing a travel brochure. Take photos around a city or town that intrigues you. Write a story about your experience.

91. Hug someone.

92. Find a place and scream to the wind everything that’s eating at you.

93.  Forgive someone and forgive yourself too.

94. Visit your library. Read something inspirational.

95. Play with a child like a child.

96. Learn to speak conversation basics of another language.

97.  Go out to a coffee-house on poetry night.

98. Feed the squirrels peanuts.

99. Get yourself to the dollar store. Spend $10.00 on whatever your heart wants and then say to the clerk, Now I have no money for butter!

100.  Go out with friends to a place you are most likely to have fun.

I got the idea for this blog from www.galadarling.com  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. She is a force of inspiration so make sure you take a look at her site. You’ll love it.

This weekend we had lots and lots of sunshine. It was marvelous!  I sat outside  just breathing in the fresh air. My God, it felt so good! I sent out a big thank you to the universe OK  maybe even more than one. I felt joyful.  A pair of Chickadees kept me company while I worked in the garden. I wonder if they’re the same visitors that have frequented my feeders and used my nesting box. They’re such  friendly little birds. I love them and the “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee” sound they make.  Here, take a listen but I warn you if you have a kitty you might want to turn down the volume. My cat Foster goes Coo-Coo over this.



I love meeting new people and making new friends. I also love seeing a friend fall in love and I got  both this month. Yaay! Our friend Dave has fallen for an amazing woman. They came over for dinner and I loved having them here. They have so much in common and it’s wonderful to see two people so happy. She’s a really cool chick and I’m looking forward to spending more time with her. Making a new friend rocks!

My Kevin stayed over for a few days. I loved having him here. He brought me 2 new water bottles. I love water bottles. These gifts from him made my month! They’re shiny and have hip earthy designs on them. I totally dig ’em.  He also brought me some Yogi Tea. I love Yogi  Tea and he bought me a flavor I had never tried. It’s called Royal Vitality and I love it. Kevin is the best gift giver ever and I love him.


I am happy to say that I have lost my first 10 pounds. I love losing weight. I love having my jeans fit loosely around my waist. It’s a good feeling. I love eating healthy and adhering to my new walking program. I love my 101 list. It’s really helping me keep my focus on my goals.  

I love red shoes, bargains, pins, dark denim, Sour Patch Kids and a good movie. I’m putting together my outfit for my next movie date. Alice In Wonderland, Woo-Hoo! I bought a little red satin tote at The Dollar Store and I dressed it up with some of my favorite pins. I love it. It’s the perfect size for sneaking snacks into the theatre. I’m planning on wearing my favorite dark denim skirt which I just love and my most whimsical pair of shoes. They remind me of Minnie Mouse.  I love ’em.

I love creating things. This week I crocheted Foster a little pink mouse and stuffed it with catnip. He loves it and I love watching him play with it  in fact everyone in the house loves watching him play with it. That little creation has caused a smilefire in my house. Hee hee, I just created a new word. Smilefire. I love it!  Definition: a smile that spreads as quickly as a wildfire jumping from one person’s face to the next in the blink of an eye. It’s uncontrollable and completely involuntary.

I love going to sleep in my bedroom after a deep clean and having the windows open all day. I love rubbing my face in his beard and I really love having a good hair day.

I love http://www. galadarling.com.  I visited the site for the first time last week. I love that woman! Check her out, subscribe to her blog. She is a force of inspiration!

Oh and I also love Van’s Organic Homestyle Waffles with Real Maple Syrup. Yummy!

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